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Location / Credo

MPG - Standort Menden, Sauerland


MPG Mendener Präzisionsrohr GmbH and MPG Wärmetechnik GmbH, medium-sized manufacturing companies, are located in the town of Menden, on the northern edge of the Sauerland region. This region, situated right in the heart of Germany, can look back on a centuriesold tradition of metal processing.

The hde Metallwerk GmbH, from which MPG was formed, made history in Menden for 150 years.

Our Credo

MPG Mendener Präzisionsrohr GmbH and MPG Wärmetechnik GmbH are high-performance specialized suppliers of heat exchanger tubes and heat technology products.

MPG directly contributes to its customers' success in the course of longstanding business relationships by delivering products and services of recognized quality, as well as through innovation and flexibility.

Our employees' excellent qualifications and wide-ranging experience form the basis for our exceptional capabilities and for continuous improvement processes.

MPG has voluntarily committed itself to maximizing environmental safety and sustainability by deploying the latest ecofriendly processes.